Crop Insurance using Space Technology and Geo-informatics (KISAN)

Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to Government has instituted a pilot study, called KISAN, C (K)rop Insurance using Space Technology and geoiNformatics
For assessment of crop yield and crop loss using high resolution satellite data.  This programme is co-ordinated by Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre (MNCFC), in collaboration with National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Space Applications Centre (SAC), State Remote Sensing Centres, State Agriculture Departments and IMD.  The pilot study was carried out in Shivamogga and Kalaburagi districts during Kharif and Rabi 2015-16.  Under this project high resolution remote sensing data has been used for locating crop cutting experiment (CCE) and developing models for yield assessment. 


  • To explore use of remote sensing derived yield zones for planning Crop Cutting Experiments
  • To explore the use of UAV based high resolution imaging for crop assessment
  • To develop a composite model (Weather cum RS based) for crop yield assessment
  • To generate optimum sampling plan for crop cutting experiments
  • To provide yield estimates at taluk level
  • To develop/evaluate an approach/index for index-based insurance.
Mobile Application for data collection of Crop cutting

Summary of work done

Nine hundred probable locations for crop cutting experiments were identified in Shimoga district and the details including survey numbers were provided to MNCFC.

Project Status