Karnataka Geographic Information System

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Karnataka - GIS (K-GIS), the concept of which was the foresight of the Government of Karnataka and the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga (KJA), is the result of the process of consultation with the line departments of the government on the vision for our entire state. It encompasses developing a broad consultation process which has enabled embedding GIS in different aspects of governance namely, planning and implementation at National/ State/ Local levels, Decision making, Monitoring Development, Identifying gaps in development, bringing responsibility and accountability in governance.

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K-GIS is helping in reducing the duplication of GIS efforts in the state, removing redundancy and helping to create an authoritative GIS data entity for all agencies, enterprises and citizens. K-GIS has layers that has been organized from RS images and survey data/maps. Such data is being integrated/fused with MIS/available data records of various departments of the Government.

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