Regional Centres



Regional Centre at Kalaburagi was started in 2005. It is housed in a independent and spacious building built for KSRSAC by Hyderabad Karnataka Region Development Authority in the Kalaburagi University campus.. It is headed by a Project Scientist and about twenty staff work on various projects such as land records digitization, cadastral referenced database generation, geomorphology and lineament mapping, etc., in respect of 7 districts coming under Hyderabad Karnataka Region. The regional centre is well-equipped and fully takes care of the geospatial information needs of the region. The maximum utilization of remote sensing and GIS derived geospatial data for developmental planning by the Commissioner, Hyderabad Karnataka Region Development Authority has been achieved by this Regional Centre.


Government have given sanction to establish the regional centre at Bagalkot wide Govt order no ITD 209 ADM 2014 dated 9-01-2015.Accordingly the centre has taken steps to establish the regional centre at Bagalkot and this has been Inaugurated by the honorable Minister for planning,statistics and ITBT S&T on 22-04-2015.There are about 6 project scientists and 2 supporting staff are working at the regional centre.


Mysore Regional Centre has been established during the year 2004 to implement the LRIS project for Mysore District and LRD, CRD projects under Natural Resources Information System and there is housed in the campus of SJCE.  Apart from this, Centre is undertaking the work of preparation of satellite data as required by the line departments of the State Government and other organizations. At present 19 technical and non-technical staffs are working in this centre.  Presently, these staff are working in preparation of data to the line department as per the request made by them. In addition to this, the Regional Centre is organizing the training and awareness programmes to the decision makers, State Government officers and NGO’s.