Industrial Plot Information System Portal for KIADB

Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board has developed 160 industrial areas in 29 Districts in the State and acquired land for nearly 473 Single Unit Complexes covering an extent of 73,288 acres ensuring balanced industrial development in all regions with well thought of infrastructures and unique features. KIADB proposed to have a GIS based information system for all its properties.

All the industrial area maps along with the land banks owned by KIADB were in CAD / Paper drawings and all the MIS data related to industries were in excel sheet. KIADB requested KSRSAC to convert the CAD drawings to GIS format. The department wanted to share the converted GIS data with the public/entrepreneur through web portal with basic GIS functionalities like View and Query the available information. 

The project started with the intent of sharing the KIADB GIS data. The same was successfully completed and the successful implementation leads to various new additional functions and modules which resulted into a full-fledged enterprise GIS system for KIADB.

The objective of the overall project is as follows

  1. Conversion of all existing industrial area CAD drawings to GIS format
  2. Developing a Web GIS portal for sharing the data with the public/entrepreneur.
  3. Develop work flow for GIS maps attribute editing with role based login and report and dashboard for better maintenance and management.
  4. Integration with KUM for prioritization of land parcels and integration with the allotment system.

KSRSAC adopted 3-tier architecture for the development of the KIADB portal.

KIADB Portal Tools

  • Navigation tool: Basic navigations tools such as zoom-in, zoom-out, pan and full extent is available.
  • Switch basemaps: User will be allowed to select one of the basemaps configured for the Portal.
  • Label Feature: User can see the labels of the layers according to the zoom levels.
  • Search by Industrial area: User can search the industrial area through drop down selection. Selected industrial area will be zoomed and abstract and land use information will be displayed.
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Search by extents in acres: User can search the vacant plots based on extents with minimum and maximum area in acres. The resultant plots will be zoomed and the plot details will be displayed in table.
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Search by plot status. User can choose the plots based on the plot category

Role Based Login: 

The work flow module is adopted Role Based Access Control. Login page controls the user based on his role. 

Project Status

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Industrial Plot Information System Portal for KIADB
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