NRC - Land Degradation Change Analysis


The land degradation change analysis [Cycle-2] is a nationwide programme monitored by NRSC/ISRO and implemented by State partner institutes, KSRSAC produces the seamless land degradation database of Karnataka State on 1:50k scale. The updating of land degradation layer generated under this programme in the year 2005-06 is updated using IRS Resourcesat-2, LISS-III data of 2015-16 for change analysis.


The methodology involves geo-rectification of satellite data, ground truth collection, data interpretation and mapping, geodatabase generation and quality evaluation. The status of Land degradation is grouped under 25 classes and codes assigned as per the standards mentioned in the project guidelines.

Summary of Work:

Land degradation mapping has been completed using Satellite imageries to show the status prevailed in the year 2015-16. It was completed with the status of land degradation mapped in the year 2005-06. The results show that the area under land degradation has increased from 50830.2 Km2 in 2015-16 (from 26.49% to 27.79% of the total geographical area.

land degradation

Project Status