Mapping of BMTC Assets and Developing GIS Applications

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC) needed to map their assets,bus routes and bus stop locations and develop a desktop gis application for effectively managing the resources BMTC offered this project to KSRSAC 

The major objectives of the project are

1.   Identification and mapping of all BMTC assets,
2.   Preparation of BMTC Assets Atlas,
3.   Mapping of BMTC bus routes and bus stop locations and
4.  Development of desktop GIS applications for better management of Assets of BMTC

Summary Of Work

For identifying the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) assets, cadastral village map was overlaid on Quick bird satellite image with spatial resolution of 0.61m. The main assets of BMTC are Bus Stops, Bus Depots, TTMCs, Training Centres and BMTC Lands which were identified based on survey numbers using GIS software ArcMap v10. With the help of data extracted, BMTC Asset Atlas was prepared.

eSaarige Windows Application

e-Saarige is a Windows based Desktop GIS application specifically customized for Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation developed in Microsoft Visual Basic Development Environment using ESRI Map Objects Mapping Components. e-Saarige has many advanced GIS functionalities such as Querying, Analysis and GPS Module apart from all the basic GIS data viewing capabilities. GPS module provides the option for downloading Ground Control Points from Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers. e-Saarige supports classification of spatial data, locating a particular feature that matches the user query, viewing of attributes, graphics and field photos attached to the spatial data. Analyzed and queried spatial data can be extracted and printed as per specifications of the user in the form of maps and reports.

Application for Mapping of BMTC Bus Routes


Desktop GIS Mapping of BMTC Bus Routes


Project Status

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