Duration and Syllabus

  • First semester is of 18 weeks duration with class work followed by five weeks- examination and vacation. The students have to study four core subjects and one elective in both first and second semesters each subject for 100 marks.
  • Second semester consists of 18 weeks duration with class work followed by three weeks of examination and vacation.
  • Third semester is of 20 weeks duration consisting of project work phase II and have to study one core subject along with two electives followed by four weeks of vacation. Fourth Semester is 20 weeks project work. In the new scheme the project work is spread over three semesters so that the student would be able to develop mastery over several aspects of project work. Dissertation and viva is of 8 weeks duration.

While the first two semesters concentrate on developing the theoretical base and practical skills in all the domains of Geo-informatics, the third and fourth semester focus on and capacity building for project work. Seminars, group discussions, assignments, mini projects, class tests, quizzes, viva, research article writing, and online mid term and end of semester examination are judiciously blended to hone up candidate’s cognitive and analytical capabilities.

Syllabus of M.Tech